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 Who Should Take Sea Minerals?

Every One!

Every biological function of the human body relies on adequate levels of minerals and trace elements. Without adequate levels of ALL minerals, the body’s ability to function properly is impeded and ultimately disrupted. Minerals are required but not limited to assisting the following functions.

         Proper Brain Activity
Problem Solving Ability
Endocrinal Activity
Regulation of Cell Fluid Levels
Nerve and Muscle Function
Immune System
Healthy Skin


Can We Get Sufficient Minerals from Our Daily Food Diet?

“Most physicians and many persons live with the mistaken notion that the average diet somehow magically supplies all the nutrients essential for a health life.

“When a plant grows it draws the available minerals from the soil reached by its roots. If the soil contains only a few minerals the plant will only draw a few minerals. If the soil lacks minerals, the plant is stunted because a plant cannot make minerals. Dr. Gary Price Todd says,
‘Sick soil causes sick plants, which causes sick animals, and ultimately sick human beings.'

“There is a harmony between vitamins and minerals and even though vitamins are nearly ineffective without minerals, they are both necessary. Minerals are quite different from vitamins in their structure and the work they do, but the two enjoy an excellent working relationship.



“According to Rodale’s Complete Book of Minerals and Health, ‘minerals create a healthy environment in which the body, using vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, can grow, function and heal itself.'

What is a complete spectrum of minerals? I believe a mineral composition or a mineral solution cannot be considered a ‘complete spectrum of minerals’ unless it contains at least seventy minerals. This large number of minerals has to include many of the ‘rare earth’ minerals or there would not be a total of seventy.

“Where can we get the minerals we need if they are not available in our food supply?


“Most of the more popular mineral formulations available today contain no more than 10-15 minerals because they are derived from clay, ground up rock and soil. This type of mineral is known as a metallic, hydrophobic mineral! It will not interact with water because it is not water-soluble.

The few metallic minerals that come directly from the earth are hard to digest or assimilate. Many nutritional experts, doctors and food chemists believe no more than 5% or maybe up to 8% of metallic minerals are actually assimilated by the human body."

(Extract from E.G. Heinrich’s Book, “The Root of all Disease)

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